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About Madhuri Sharma

Madhuri Sharma is world fame Brij folk singer placed in the Top grade of All India Radio and Doordarshan, which is their highest category of gradation in music. She has been performing in various countries, as well as across all the states of Indian Republic. Music is her passion and she is committed to spread the beauty of Folk Music to the largest extent across the globe.


Madhuri Sharma has specialization and performs at events related to Brij Rasiya of Mathura and Vrindavan, Brij Folk Music, Stage presentation completely in Brij bhasha, Presenting Singing – Music – Dancing.

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Contact Me

Aashirwad, C-12, Sector – B,
Govind Nagar, Mathura – 281 003
Uttar Pradesh, INDIA

Telephone: +91 98372 58342,
+91 93597 40261, +91 (565) 2421186

Email: madhuri.folk@gmail.com info@madhurisharma.in